How Functional Fitness has Impacted the Lives of Our Residents [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on Nov 29, 2016 12:27:18 PM

As we age, fitness and movement become an even more important part of our daily lives to help ensure that we can continue doing all the things we love. We have received wonderful feedback across the country from residents participating in our FIT Functional Fitness program.


For example, we have residents who have shared that they are able to go on outings, climb stairs to get into vans, and enjoyed a walk around the lake when they previously weren’t able. Family members of these residents have returned from the experiences and ask us “what’s happening, what’s different?” They are able to enjoy moments with their loved ones when they haven’t been able to in the past. 

FIT Functional Fitness draws on current research that shows staying active has many health benefits for older adults. In a study from Geriatric Rehabilitation, it was found that with aging, many begin to adopt a sedentary lifestyle, which is associated with deleterious health effects.The authors explain that aging (and inactivity) also results in connective-tissue changes in muscle that reduce a person’s range of motion. They found that full-range-of-motion flexibility training for seniors can result in meaningful outcomes.

We continue to hear from our residents how much fun they are having with each other by participating in FIT Functional Fitness, which is why they come to classes time and again.

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