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Consider Senior Living Options Before a Crisis [VIDEO]

Posted by Kristi Carlson on February 28, 2017

Making the decision for yourself or for a loved one to move into an assisted living community can be a very difficult decision. It can feel additionally overwhelming trying to find the community that is right for you or your loved one’s care needs, preferences, and more.

Most incoming calls to senior living or health care communities come in the form of a crisis. Many people do not want to give up their autonomy or their home, but then find themselves in a situation when they begin needing more help than family or friends can provide.


Guide to Senior Living ToursKristi Carlson recommends engaging in open communication with your loved one regarding how they see themselves living life as they age. Staying home alone may not always be an option, even with in-home care. One of the most important reasons to start the senior living conversation early is to help begin the home moving and cleaning process.

Understanding what “quality of life” means to you or your loved one is an important factor in determining the ideal living situation before a health crisis occurs.

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