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How Memory Care Improved My Wife's Quality of Life [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on June 6, 2017

“She has quality of life because I can see her smile. I can see her laugh.”

In this video, Garry reflects on the decision to transition his wife, Marcia, into Villa at Terracina, a memory care community in Naples, Florida.

“I think that her quality of life is better now than when she was living with me.”


New Call-to-actionGarry explains that her everyday is so much more meaningful now that she can interact with many new friends. While at home, they would venture out to lunch regularly, but Marcia was really only spending time with him and hired caregivers.

“Here [Villa at Terracina], she is around not only the other residents, but the staff who all know her,” says Garry. “She is surrounded by countless people and having little interactions with everyone on a continual basis.”

While Marcia does not communicate as often through words, the simple gesture of someone talking with her, rubbing her shoulders and laughing with her can mean the world.

“You have to change your perspective and look through the eyes of your loved one,” says Garry. “Their world is very different. What’s important to them is very different than what is important to you.”

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