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Components of Care: What Services Are Offered In Memory Care Communities?

Posted by The Goodman Group on September 1, 2021

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If your senior parent or loved one is living with memory impairment and in need of a higher level of care, finding the right memory care community starts with understanding the range of services and amenities included within memory care communities. While each community is different and tailors services to the needs of the individual resident, these are some of the core components that are often included in memory care communities managed by The Goodman Group.

Healthy, Consistent Meals

Safely cooking and maintaining a healthy diet is a chief concern for seniors living with memory loss. Memory care communities managed by The Goodman Group provide three nutritious, chef-inspired meals per day, as well as access to snacks and beverages. Specialized diets are always taken into consideration, and dining hours become a social time for residents to get to know team members and fellow community residents.

Medication Management and Care

Trained team members manage medications and are available to lend a hand if a resident needs support in order to feel comfortable, safe, and cared for.

“In our memory care neighborhoods, many family members are relieved to know their loved ones are getting their medication proper doses,” says Tina V., regional director of life enrichment for The Goodman Group. “Team members in the community are available to help if a resident needs support."

Memory care neighborhoods offer specialized care designed with their residents in mind. “For example, everyone in the neighborhood wears name tags so that we can refer to one another by name,” explains Tina. “It means a lot to residents to be able to hear their own names and call their friends and team members by name, too.”

Clean, Well-Maintained Environments

Many seniors living on their own find it difficult to keep up with the chores and cleaning. Within a memory care community, team members help with trash removal, housekeeping, bed-making, linens, and laundry services. Safety is a top priority, and team members champion strict safety and cleanliness protocols. Additionally, there is a focus on making the community a beautiful and comfortable place to be. 

“One of our memory care activity groups creates flower arrangements that are also displayed in the assisted living community,” says Tina. “Not only do the residents enjoy making something beautiful together, but it’s also a great way to show what our residents are capable of. Many of our residents and their families are surprised with what they can achieve."

Physical and Cognitive Health Programming

In addition to maintaining physical health and strength through fitness and daily activity, our brains also require exercise. This is especially important for individuals living with memory loss, as cognitive stimulation preserves synaptic connections in the brain. That’s why communities managed by The Goodman Group offer specialized programming through Fit Minds, an organization that has developed skills-based cognitive coaching that targets five key areas of cognition.

Communities of Meaning and Purpose

memory care

Of all the benefits provided within memory care, the sense of community and opportunities to become involved often has the greatest impact on the lives of residents. 

“We provide many outreach opportunities for residents,” says Tina. “Resident activity committees have made dog toys to bring to local animal shelters, raised money at local walks for Alzheimer’s research, and even performed at other communities in musical groups and choirs."

“Within memory care neighborhoods, residents and team members support each other,” Tina continues. "They care about each other. When you have that kind of meaningful community engagement, great things happen.”

If you have any additional questions about the components of memory care and whether moving to a memory care community is right for your senior loved one, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Team members at The Goodman Group managed communities are available to share resources and support for you and your loved one.

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