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How My Mom Blossomed After Discovering Senior Living [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on May 30, 2017

“It’s a happier relationship now,” says Clare Strohman, describing the changes she’s noticed since her mother moved to a senior living community.

Clare says Ginny Sims has always been known for her smile and sparkle. She said that both are back now since her mom has been living in Terracina Grand. “There is more friendship now, and I felt like we had lost that.” 


New Call-to-actionWhile living alone at home, Ginny struggled with feelings of isolation and unhappiness. She was living in an unhealthy, unhappy situation. “There was nothing to look forward to or laugh about,” said Clare. “Now that she is so busy and active within the community, if I don’t talk to her for a couple of days, that’s okay. I may hear about a trip that she took on the bus a week later, but now she has those funny stories to share. We have a lot of laughs.”

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