Meet LeRoy: I Will Keep on Walkin’ [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on Jan 24, 2018 4:56:48 PM

The oldest resident at The Commons on Marice is also one of the most active. LeRoy takes two laps around the senior living community in Eagan, Minnesota every single day.

If you saw him on his two mile jaunt, you’d never guess he just turned 104. In fact, LeRoy barely believes it himself. “I have to admit that I’m lucky,” he says. “To be honest, I really do feel better now than I did ten years ago.”

We caught up with the retired teacher after one of his recent walks and he regaled us with story after story, including the one about coaching a championship swim team — even though he couldn’t swim. 


The Swim Coach Who Couldn’t Swim

During his younger years, LeRoy was a teacher at St. Thomas Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota. “I was teaching physics and having a great time,” LeRoy reminisces fondly.

At the time, the school had a football team and other various sports teams, but it lacked a swimming team. The president of the school called LeRoy into his office one day and told him that they wanted him to be the swim coach. “I said ‘Oh Father, I would do most anything for you, but I don’t know how to swim!” says LeRoy. He was still given the job anyways despite inexperience in the water.

When the team would win a meet, it was customary that the coach be thrown in the pool. “Half the team would throw me into the pool,” laughs LeRoy. “Thirty seconds later the other half would jump in to save me from drowning.”

Staying Active at 104

In addition to his daily walks, LeRoy had also played golf until recently with his daughter, stopping only when he turned 100 years old. He claims to have given up golf for two reasons, “I was getting kind of old and I was losing a lot of balls.” His daughter’s game kept improving, so LeRoy vowed he would stop the game on a day she beat him.

LeRoy’s Life at his Senior Living Community

With the help of his daughter and her family, LeRoy made the decision to move into a senior New Call-to-actionliving community when he was 99 years old. “I didn’t like to make coffee. I didn’t like to make muffins. In fact, I didn’t like to cook,” he says when asked about his reasons for beginning the search.

While some of his motivations for a move may have been the readily accessible and delicious food offerings at the community, LeRoy touches the hearts of those he interacts with at The Commons on Marice.

“LeRoy is exactly the kind of person that makes The Commons such a special place,” says Dani Minnick, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Commons on Marice. “He’s well-known for being a centenarian, but around here, we just know him as the kind man with a great smile and a sense of humor to match.”

He loves engaging with everyone he meets. “He is generous with his time and always willing to share on of his great stories – he finds ways to connect and share wisdom in a way that’s truly inspiring,” says Dani.

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