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Meet Blanca: I Will Find Community [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on December 19, 2018

“You can’t just take up space. You have to renew your life.” That’s what Blanca, an 81-year-old resident at Terracina Grand, believes.

After suffering the loss of her husband, Blanca struggled with loneliness. But today, she has a positive outlook thanks to her community, the help of Spiritual Care Director Ria, and the Soaring® program.

Discover her story:


Losing a Loved One

“I was living in a lonely house when he died. And that’s the worst thing — all the memories,” Blanca says.

Her husband of 55 years died of Leukemia, causing her to live alone in her house, where she struggled with reliving the sadness she felt during his decline.

“Loneliness creates a hole that you go into, and the more you’re lonely, the worse it is,” she says.

Blanca rose out of her loneliness through discovering a community at Terracina Grand and spiritual help through the Soaring program.

Finding a Support Group

At Terracina Grand, a community managed by The Goodman Group, Blanca joined a support group called, “New Beginnings,” for those who have lost loved ones — primarily spouses.

The support group encourages residents to share feelings and stories in a way that only someone who has been through the same pain can appreciate.

Not only does Blanca benefit from the group, but she’s able to help others with their pain. “We chat and we joke,” Blanca says smiling. “That’s important in my life! My being cheerful with other people, too, helps the community and myself.”

Reuniting with Community

spiritual care“I have a loss, I suffered a lot, but I have to come out and reunite with God and the community,” she says. And Blanca has done just that. She has become very involved in support groups, Bible Studies, and social events.

“I have a lot of friends, and they take care of me,” she says. “The staff is wonderful, and they are satisfying my spiritual needs.

“It’s not just a lonely house that I left. I have a community. I have friends. I have a new life. Let’s put it that way.”

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