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Meet Jeannie: I Will Discover Community [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on October 31, 2018

“I was not in great shape — I mean mentally, physically, I was pretty much a mess. Every day, I was losing Art,” says Jeannie, a Terracina Grand resident.

Jeannie and her husband Art moved to Terracina Grand after Art began showing signs of dementia. “His mind was kind of going — you could tell,” she says. As a result, Jeannie was struggling with loneliness.

That all changed when she met Ria, a Spiritual Care Director and member of the Soaring® program. Now, she’s rediscovered her spirituality and strengthened her relationship with Art.


Rekindling Her Spiritual Relationship

Ria’s spiritual guidance strengthened Jeannie’s faith in God, something that had faded over the years. “I lost my spirituality,” she says. “I now realize that I used to pray a lot and I was very religious growing up. I started praying [again], and all of a sudden, my frame of mind was different. It made me start talking to God, again.”

Jeannie’s renewed spirituality now brings her comfort and encourages her to help others.

Getting Involved With Her Community

“Jeannie is a nurse, and she is a cheerleader and a helping individual,” Ria says.

New Call-to-actionSince meeting Ria, Jeannie started helping with many of the Soaring program social events in her community. “Two years ago I was not thinking along these lines at all,” Jeannie says. “But all of a sudden, I'm finding myself helping other people, finding other things to do, getting involved, having that spiritual renewal. All of a sudden, I saw that there was a way of life here, and I started getting more comfortable, as did Art.”

Ria also connects with Art on a regular basis. “She's very cognizant of what Art needs and how she can help me out with him, too,” Jeannie says.Thanks to Ria and the Soaring program, Jeannie and Art are happy and active in their community.

Learn more about the Soaring program and how it has helped others like Jeannie.

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