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Meet Jim: I Thrive in My Community [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on March 20, 2019

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, has always felt like home for Jim, whose late wife, Donna, served 42 years on the city’s planning commission. It’s where their son, grandchildren, and close friends live, too.

When his wife passed away in 2014, Jim knew exactly where to live as he looked to downsize — Autumn Glen Senior Living.

Jim Puts His Heart in His Community

Because of his wife’s long tenure with the Coon Rapids Planning Commission, she played a big role in approving the construction and establishment of Autumn Glen Senior Living, a community managed by The Goodman Group.

After she passed, he wasted no time applying to live in the community. “I came right up here and immediately put a deposit down. Immediately,” he says.

Not only was the community aspect of it a huge benefit for Jim, but he knew how important it was to his wife. “I knew that she had her heart in this place, and now my heart is in this place,” he says.

Jim Actively Participates in His Community

Jim is very active in his community. On Friday nights, you can find him calling bingo. He also participates in social events every other week.

“It’s really fun to know these people,” he says. “This house is now my life, and the people are my friends.”

Jim Can Age Happily in His Community

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“The staff is always perfect,” Jim says. “If my pattern is off, they come knocking at my door and ask if I’m alright, and I appreciate that!” Jim doesn’t have to worry as much about his health because he knows he’s surrounded by staff that can (and do) take care of him.

“I can’t get any better than this,” he says. “I can age here, comfortably and happily. And you can’t get me to get out of here. I’m staying. I’m happy here.”

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