Making an Impact in Senior Living [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on Jan 19, 2017 1:57:34 PM

Every senior living community is unique in it’s own way, whether that be it’s geographical influences, types of care services provided, or countless other factors. One of the common threads that runs through every location managed by The Goodman Group is our mission to continually be innovating and offering ground-breaking programs and amenities.


New Call-to-actionKezia has a 16 year history with The Goodman Group. She says she has truly valued being a part of a team that prioritizes the individual interests of residents and their families. Her role at the Commons on Marice allows for her to directly interact with those visiting the community. She shares that empathy and compassion are key to understanding what residents and their families are experiencing. She strives to make their new move or living situation as positive as possible through customized education and support.

It is our goal at The Goodman Group, at every level of our organization, to make a positive impact and support the optimal well being of every resident.

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