Life-Improving Benefits to Look for at a Memory Care Community

Posted by The Goodman Group on Dec 2, 2016 11:09:59 AM

Life-Improving Benefits Memory Care Communities OfferIf a loved one is experiencing Alzheimer's disease, dementia. or another form of memory loss, be assured that quality of life is very much achievable. Memory care communities in particular offer specialized environments where your loved one can not only live, but thrive.  The best of these providing for all of the day-to-day needs residents require, specialized memory care communities maintain the dignity we all deserve. Here are just some of the life-improving benefits available from a top memory care community


First and foremost, your loved one should be completely safe. Individuals with dementia have the tendency to wander or become disoriented. Memory care communities have ample accommodations throughout the community to be sure residents are always safe. This includes well-constructed living areas, places for residents to explore safely, and well-trained staff who are always watching over residents, even if they’re not their primary care attendants. 

Calming and Reassuring Environment

Individuals with memory loss need to feel secure and oriented in their living areas. Relaxed, comfortable, and reassuring settings help residents feel well cared for. This sense of comfort will naturally extend to family members and friends who can focus on spending quality time during their visits.

Continuing and New Life Interests

The day-to-day activities for people with memory loss need to strike the right balance between structure and flexibility. The structure helps reassure individuals and the flexibility allows for modifications and individual expression, while still providing for individual needs. 

High quality memory care needs to offer many recreational and social opportunities for residents. Because these are structured and assisted activities, they provide the reassurance many memory care residents find both comforting and stimulating. These can include creative outlets such as painting or working with clay, baking or cooking, social hours, and animal-assisted therapy visits

New Call-to-actionEscorted outings are not available at every memory care community. If it's important that your loved one embarks on trips to museums, plays and movies, be sure to ask this question of the community right away. Quality memory care communities understand that getting out and about is important for residents' social and overall wellbeing. It's not unusual for residents to discover and develop new life interests, regardless of the memory loss they are experiencing. 

For example, Villa at Terracina Grand in Naples, Florida, provides residents with the opportunity to take local trips that they request. This is important in order to maintain the ability to participate as active and curious citizens of the city where they live.

Custom Health Care

Those with memory loss need the same medical care as other seniors and often have additional requirements. For example, memory care communities provide specialized medications and diets, as needed. Experienced and professional staff ensures that each resident receives the correct nutrition and medication support throughout their day. 

Dignity and Quality of Life

The specialized attention and care that every resident receives in a memory care community assures the dignity and quality of life we all deserve. It allows residents, their families, and friends to enjoy and thrive at every stage of life.

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