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Meet Ron & Connie: I Will Do What's Best for My Family [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on February 27, 2019

“We’ve always done a lot together,” says Connie. She, her husband Ron, and their family have spent a busy and productive life together. Ron was the president of a school bus company for more than 25 years before he and Connie spent the next 16 years wintering in Arizona.

“We’d done as much with him as we could until he just got too tired,” Connie says. Today, Ron lives in the Pearls of Life® memory care neighborhood at Autumn Glen Senior Living (Autumn Glen), a community managed by The Goodman Group.

Ron chose Autumn Glen because it felt like home to him. And today, Autumn Glen is Ron’s home.

The Beginning Signs of Memory Loss

It was clear that Ron was living with some variation of memory loss when he began to fall down the stairs and get confused on a regular basis. When it reached the point where he didn’t remember who Connie was, she knew something had to be done.

“It’s a whole different life because we’d been married 58 years,” she says, “and just like that, it was taken away.” At that point, Connie knew she’d have to be there for Ron, and that meant becoming his caregiver.

Finding Help for Ron

“We decided we needed to do what was best for my dad and my mom because she wasn’t having much of a life either, and that wasn’t fair for her to be the total caregiver,” says Tammy, Ron and Connie’s daughter .

Thankfully, Ron made it easier for everyone. After indicating to Connie that he knew he needed a memory care community, they toured Autumn Glen as a family and Ron decided that was home for him.

“Right from the beginning, it was a very good fit,” Tammy says. “You can just tell that he likes it here and he’s comfortable. He knows all the aides, and I’m sure they know him because he’s quite the jokester.”

Ron’s Home at Autumn Glen

New Call-to-actionNot only does Ron feel comfortable with the staff and fellow residents, but he is also able to thrive in the structured schedule. Between games, meals, and resident activities, Ron has plenty to do and plenty of people to interact with. “That, for him, was huge,” Tammy says.

“Now that he’s here, we get to come and visit,” she says. “And he’s back to being dad, we’re the kids, mom can be the wife, and we turned all the caregiving over to Autumn Glen.

If you say Autumn Glen, he knows where he is. That’s home for him.”

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