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Spiritual Well-Being: The Importance of Living a Purposeful Life [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on March 13, 2024

As the 76-million-person baby boomer generation crosses the over-65 threshold, many of our aging loved ones may feel alone in the crowd. One of the primary reasons for this is that social contact tends to decrease as one ages for a variety of reasons, including retirement, the death of friends and family, or lack of mobility. Many may discover themselves searching for a renewed purpose. Spiritual care directors work to nurture and develop the spiritual needs of residents. It's our goal to provide compassionate care and relevant, life-enriching experiences.

The Importance of Living a Purposeful Life

Hutch W., former national director of spiritual care for The Goodman Group, recalled one such experience with a resident. This particular resident had been living in one of The Goodman Group’s managed senior living and healthcare communities for a few months, keeping mostly to herself. As the community’s spiritual care director began to spend more time with her, they discovered that she felt her life lacked meaning. She missed interacting with children from her 40 years as an educator. She also missed playing the piano.

The spiritual care director introduced her to all five of the pianos within the community. She began playing regularly and now often plays for the residents residing in the memory care neighborhood (music can provide great benefits to people dealing with memory loss).

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To help increase her interaction with children, the spiritual care director told her about The Goodman Group's intergenerational programs. The resident enjoyed spending time with the children so much that she regularly was the first person waiting at the door as the children would arrive! 

By introducing this resident to playing the piano and facilitating interactions with children through intergenerational programs, she rediscovered her purpose, showcasing the transformative impact of connection and engagement. This story exemplifies The Goodman Group and its managed communities’ commitment to enhancing the lives of residents by fostering a sense of belonging and purpose in their later years.

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