What is FIT Functional Fitness®? [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on Oct 4, 2016 8:00:00 AM

FIT Functional Fitness® is a fun way to exercise. It was developed in partnership with a board certified exercise physiologist, and truly has all of the components of a functional fitness program.

Katie, National Director of Life Enrichment for The Goodman Group, walks you through the elements within the FIT Functional Fitness® program.

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FIT to be Strong® — The core of the overall program. Where you're seated (lying down or standing), enjoying a progressive strength training experience.

exercises for seniorsFIT to Balance® — Designed to enhance the time individuals spend on their feet, we've establshed both a beginner and advanced option so that you can move through the different exercises as you feel comfortable.

FIT to Pedal® — Endurance-based exercise where participants use a stationary peddler in a group setting.

FIT to Stretch® — Stretching exercises aimed to minimize your pain each and every day while also improving range of motion.

FIT Functional Fitness® is fun, it can be progressive, it is individualized, but most important it's a "do what you can" program.

The program was designed with key components in mind. This is meant to be a program that improves strength and maintains a balance; focusing on fall prevention and feeling stronger everyday.

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