How Senior Living Communities Shape the Activity Calendar for Seniors

Posted by The Goodman Group on Oct 29, 2019 8:00:00 AM


Oftentimes, when people think of senior activities, their mind goes right to a bingo hall. While this certainly is a fun activity, the idea that it's the only social activity that seniors are involved in is an outdated stereotype that bears little resemblance to the many activities available in today’s senior living communities.

Most communities offer an amazing range of options that enrich residents’ lives and positively impact their health. Whether a resident is highly outgoing and social or more quiet and introverted, there’s always something to participate in—always on a voluntary basis.

At communities managed by The Goodman Group, we provide familiar activities—arts and crafts, for example—even Bingo! But we also focus on offering activities that aren’t typical or standard. Here are just a few of the unique programs and activities that residents enjoy.

The Ukulele Club

It might bring up amusing images of Don Ho or even Tiny Tim, but the ukulele club at Terracina Grand in Naples, FL, takes their musical group seriously—while having a ton of fun. Inspired by one of the residents, the group meets twice a month with practice sessions in between. And they recently had their first performance! You can read more about this dynamic group here.

Intergenerational Play

They’re not just playing around at The Inn on Westport in Sioux Falls, SD—they’re producing plays in partnership with the Missoula Children’s Theater. Seniors act alongside kids ranging in age from kindergarten to senior high. Along the way, deep, intergenerational friendships are formed. Read more about this amazing program here.

Spiritual Care

Having a spiritual connection is part of a full, purposeful life for most seniors. Yet with a move to a new community, that connection can sometimes feel lost or missing. At communities managed by The Goodman Group, we take the time to address residents’ spiritual health as well as their physical and emotional health. As Hutch, director of spiritual care puts it, “We begin to assess the condition of a resident’s spirit within the first few days that they come to one of our communities.” Because a spiritual connection is unique to each person, staff then work to find the spiritual component that works best for each resident. You can learn more about our spiritual care program here.  


OK, this definitely isn’t your everyday senior activity! But then, Louise isn’t your everyday senior. A resident at the Chandler Place in St. Anthony, MN, Louise, wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of driving an 18-wheeler. With support from the staff and residents, Louise realized her dream on her 92nd birthday. Here’s more about Louise and the unique wish her senior community helped her fulfill.

Pet Therapy

The benefits of animal therapy have become well known and we sponsor several programs like those at Regal Palms in Largo, FL. For years, a group of Golden Retrievers has visited the community twice a month. In addition, a pair of Dancing Maltese visit monthly and there are even robotic pets for residents to interact with. “The cat purrs. The dog barks. And the residents love them,” Life Enrichment Director Tammy says. Here’s more on these fun and therapeutic programs.  

Especially for Veterans

Senior Living OptionsMany of the 16 million men and women who served in WWII and the 2.7 million who served in Vietnam now live in senior living communities. At communities managed by The Goodman Group, we’re committed to honoring our veteran residents with unique programs at each of our communities. Our Valiant Veterans® program is a perfect example. Tommy, a veteran resident at Villa at Terracina Grand in Naples, FL, helped launch Valiant Veterans and now leads events for veterans, their spouses, family members, and friends. It’s a role that taps into Tommy’s natural leadership abilities and has made a deep connection to community for him. As Tommy himself puts it, “Are my retirement years beautiful? Absolutely. Best years of my life.”

These are just some of the many activities and programs that residents at The Goodman Group’s managed communities can choose from to enrich their lives and, like Tommy, make their retirement years among the best of their lives.

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