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What is FIT Functional Fitness®? [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on April 13, 2022

FIT Functional Fitness® is an exercise program designed to make staying healthy fun. The program was developed by The Goodman Group, and is available to residents at all of our managed senior living and health care communities. 

Fitness is one of the eight platinum lifestyle categories that define The Goodman Group’s managed senior living and health care communities’ activities and life enrichment calendar events, and FIT Functional Fitness® truly has all of the components of a functional fitness program.

In this video, Katie W., the national director of life enrichment for The Goodman Group, walks you through the elements within the FIT Functional Fitness® program.


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FIT to be Strong® — This is the core of the overall program. Based on their comfort, the individual may be seated, lying down, or standing up -- all while enjoying a progressive strength training experience.

FIT to Balance® — This component is designed to enhance the time individuals spend on their feet. We have established both beginner and advanced options so that seniors can move through the different exercises as they feel comfortable and able.

FIT to Pedal® — In this endurance-based part of the program, participants use a stationary peddler in a group setting.

FIT to Stretch® — During this segment, individuals gently stretch their arms, legs, and any other part of their bodies that need attention. These stretching exercises play a critical role in minimizing seniors’ aches and pain while also improving their overall range of motion.

FIT Functional Fitness® is fun and can be a progressive strength-building journey. Most importantly, It is an individualized, "do what you can" program that helps seniors stay healthy and in touch with their bodies.

The Goodman Group designed this program with key components in mind: to improve strength, maintain balance, prevent falls, and of course, to feel stronger and happier every day.

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