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Searching for Home Sweet Home? Personalized Options for Touring Senior Living Communities

Posted by The Goodman Group on April 7, 2021

Searching for Home Sweet Home_ Options for Touring Senior Living Communities in 2021

In the past, touring a senior living community usually meant making an appointment, arriving at the scheduled time, and walking through the various community living spaces. While COVID-19 vaccinations for seniors make their way to senior living communities across the country, making it possible to reopen communities to visitors and in-person tours, the opportunities for finding the perfect living space for you or your loved one are more innovative and accessible today than ever before.

Senior living communities managed by The Goodman Group have developed a host of personalized virtual and in-person touring options for seniors and their families designed with safety and convenience in mind every step of the way – whether you live down the road or across the country.

Online resources

“When exploring what senior living options appeal to them, most families begin their searches online,” explains Diane K., vice president of sales and market development at The Goodman Group. “And we believe that trend is certainly going to continue.”

Once individuals understand what type of senior care option is right for them, many begin filling out contact forms, calling, or dropping by the front desk if they live in the area. “Our team makes it a priority to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible,” Diane says.

“Usually people identify five or six places that fit their needs and that they’re excited about,” Diane says. “And at that point, we want to provide information and multiple options to families for taking a deeper look.

Virtual Senior Living Community Tours

Virtual touring options offer an accessible way to learn more when you can't visit in person. “Seeing a space and being able to imagine yourself there is an important step in the decision journey,” Diane explains. “Our 360° virtual tours are an excellent way to visually take in space when an in-person tour isn’t possible.”

Many of The Goodman Group’s managed communities offer two types of 360° tours:

Self-Led Virtual Tours 

Self-led virtual tours offer virtual visitors a 360° look around the community living areas and rooms – all from the comfort of their own homes on the device of their choice. For example, from a laptop anywhere in the country, you can view a 360° tour around The Commons on Marice in Eagan, Minnesota, and take in the sunlight streaming into the lobby, glimpse the blossoming landscaping in the courtyard, and even take a tour around the gym.

Guided 360° Tours

The second option is to request a 360° virtual tour with a representative from the senior living community. The representative will connect with you by phone or video chat while you both enjoy a virtual tour from your separate locations. They may also turn the camera around to show you the building as they tour through it, highlighting points of interest as they go.


For individuals who want to visit a senior living community in-person, communities have begun to offer in-person tours. During the tour, the visitor and a guest are screened at the front desk per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Additional safety protocols include but are not limited to wearing masks and social distancing.

Modified tours

If senior living communities are not currently offering in-person tours, modified tours are another option. During these tours, visitors may tour an apartment accessible through an outer door so they do not need to walk through the community. The visitor can wait in that apartment home while viewing an iPad or smart TV while the team member streams their walk through the community. Similar to the in-person guided tours, this option lets visitors get a feel for the community without having to physically visit each space, like the dining area, fitness centers, and apartment rooms. 

“Modified tours often allow individuals to see what an apartment looks like, even if it’s not the specific unit available,” Diane says, “The safety guidelines inform everything we do and what we offer, and of course, that will continue to evolve based on the recommended guidelines.”

Front Porch Visits

You can even learn all about a community with a visit from a friendly representative on your front porch. “While making this important decision, sometimes people just want to sit down and talk to a member of our team,” Diane says, “so we’ve started offering visits to people’s homes – we call them ‘front porch’ visits because we stay outside, wear masks, and bring printed resources for people to look through.” 

These printed materials feature photos of the communities, descriptions of the amenities, and pricing guidelines. “We also usually have an iPad so we can pull up a virtual tour, too,” Diane explains. “People love that they get to keep the printed materials so they can look through them in their own time and follow-up with questions.”

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Building Relationships and Being a Resource

While searching for the perfect home, senior living communities managed by The Goodman Group are committed to being open, accessible, and safe every step of the way.

“We know what an important decision this is,” Diane says, “and we understand everyone’s needs are different. Our goal is to make families feel secure and provide all the information they need to make the right choice. That’s why we want to offer many ways for people to connect with us and build a relationship.”

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