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Aging in Place: Choosing Where and How You Want to Live [VIDEO]

Posted by Kristi Carlson on Mar 21, 2017 1:20:09 PM

Many people decide to make the move to a senior living community before they require personal care services. Perhaps day-to-day assistance isn’t needed, but the individual is looking for a safer environment, or simply a community where they no longer have to worry about cooking or housekeeping.

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Consider Senior Living Options Before a Crisis [VIDEO]

Posted by Kristi Carlson on Feb 28, 2017 10:52:17 AM

Making the decision for yourself or for a loved one to move into an assisted living community can be a very difficult decision. It can feel additionally overwhelming trying to find the community that is right for you or your loved one’s care needs, preferences, and more.

Most incoming calls to senior living or health care communities come in the form of a crisis. Many people do not want to give up their autonomy or their home, but then find themselves in a situation when they begin needing more help than family or friends can provide.

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Senior Living Communities: What Questions Should You Prepare? [VIDEO]

Posted by Kristi Carlson on Jan 24, 2017 2:38:10 PM

When exploring senior living communities for yourself or your loved ones, there are certain questions you can ask the Director of Nursing that may help determine if the community is a good fit for your family. An in-person conversation will further help in your decision process.

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Assisted Living Community: What to Look For? [VIDEO]

Posted by Kristi Carlson on Jan 5, 2017 9:08:16 AM

When looking for an assisted living community for yourself or your loved one, Health Services team member Kristi Carlson says it’s important to do some of your own exploring. When visiting a location, one of the most helpful things you can do is to speak with team members from different areas, such as the Director of Nursing, a care provider, or the dining or life enrichment staff.

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What Does Exceptional Senior Care Mean to The Goodman Group? [VIDEO]

Posted by Kristi Carlson on Oct 17, 2016 10:20:23 AM

Exceptional senior care means that we care for the whole person. At The Goodman Group managed communities, our goal is to provide a nurturing environment where residents feel comfortable and have many opportunities to promote their wellbeing.

Kristi Carlson, a Health Services team member with The Goodman Group talks about what exceptional senior care means to her.

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Moments Matter: Our Senior Care Residents Surprise Us Everyday [VIDEO]

Posted by Kristi Carlson on Oct 10, 2016 9:31:24 AM

Our job, first and foremost, is to serve and care for our residents' needs. A specific encounter with one resident living in memory care has left a strong impression on Kristi.

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