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Meet Sylvia: I Will Keep Volunteering [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on January 24, 2024

Within her very active schedule, Sylvia’s favorite part of the week is the time she spends every Sunday volunteering in the memory care neighborhood at The Commons on Marice, her senior living community in Eagan, MN. She plays the piano and sings with the residents. “I enjoy the interaction, it’s amazing to see how they remember the words,” says Sylvia fondly. “I’m actually probably getting more out of it than they are. I love the joy on their faces. My cup overflows, it has most of my life. I am blessed.”

Transitioning to an Independent Living Community

When Sylvia’s husband passed away, like so many people, she had trouble maintaining her large house and decided it’d be a good idea to downsize to an apartment. She anticipated that she would casually search for the next year and then move in, but changed her mind when she found The Commons on Marice. “I have a two-bedroom apartment with a screened-in porch that overlooks the pond here. It’s beautiful,” says Sylvia.

“I am 76 years old, and I have lived here for a year. I fell in love with the apartment and the people–it’s the perfect spot,” Sylvia says affectionately.


Sylvia is currently in an independent living apartment, however, the senior living community where she lives allows her to age in place. Therefore, she won’t have to move to a new apartment as her needs change down the road. “As I grow older and need more assistance, they’ll come to my apartment and care for me here,” says Sylvia. “The thought of not having to move again is great.”guide to senior living


Sylvia maintains a busy lifestyle both in and out of her community. She says that she often feels like she is going 90 miles an hour doing different things and going to different places. “I still drive, so I’m active,” says Sylvia. “But I come back home and it’s become like a family.”

“All kinds of things are planned by the staff, all day long,” says Sylvia of the Life Enrichment programs offered within her community. “I would be exhausted if I did everything. It starts early in the morning and you can choose a multitude of things. Nobody is ever bored here.”

Sylvia's story is a testament to the enriching experiences that senior living communities can provide. Her Sundays spent volunteering in the memory care neighborhood showcases the profound impact of meaningful connections and shared joy. Transitioning to The Commons on Marice not only offered Sylvia a beautiful and comfortable living space but also a supportive community that has become a second family. 

The concept of aging in place adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for her future. Sylvia's active and vibrant lifestyle, both within and outside the community, reflects the importance of staying engaged and embracing the opportunities that come with senior living. In her own words, Sylvia expresses gratitude for the blessings in her life, demonstrating that a well-chosen senior living community can truly enhance the quality of one's golden years.

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