Preventing Caregiver Burnout: Self-Care Tips for Healthy Living

Posted by The Goodman Group on Sep 21, 2017 11:13:00 AM

“If you’re traveling with someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first, then assist the other person.” That’s the familiar reminder flight attendants always give before takeoff. Similar sounding advice applies if you’re a caregiver for an aging parent or other loved one: secure your own self-care first. It will help prevent burnout and give you the energy to be the best caregiver you can be.

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Child Care Within Senior Living: Intergenerational Communities

Posted by The Goodman Group on Sep 19, 2017 4:13:31 PM

The Learning Center is a pretty special place. The preschool and children's day care center emphasizes experiential learning, complete with a "tree house library" and "tug boat computer lab." The kids say it's "just like Disney World," but that's not just what makes it special. Located at The Palms of Largo senior living campus in Florida, The Learning Center also emphasizes intergenerational learning and friendship.

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The Five-Star Rating System: Help Choosing Skilled Nursing Care

Posted by The Goodman Group on Sep 15, 2017 11:09:16 AM

Learning that a loved one needs skilled nursing care can be an emotionally challenging time for the whole family. Decisions need to be made, and often they need to be made quickly.

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Memory Care Communities: Emphasis on Care [VIDEO]

Posted by The Goodman Group on Sep 14, 2017 11:20:14 AM

“When you take care of somebody, you think no one is going to do it as well as you,” says Garry Wright, the husband of a Marcia who is a resident at Villa at Terracina memory care community in Naples, Florida. “The hard part is letting go and realizing that there are professionals that can actually do that.”

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Rock Steady: Creating Friendships and Fighting Parkinson's

Posted by The Goodman Group on Sep 12, 2017 10:57:58 AM

It may seem odd or even counter-intuitive to hear that someone with Parkinson’s disease is spending a lot of time at a boxing gym. Yet that’s exactly what members of the Rock Steady Boxing program do several times a week at Cypress Palms, an assisted living community at the Palms of Largo in Florida.

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Teaching Tech: Helping Seniors Learn Technology

Posted by The Goodman Group on Sep 7, 2017 12:28:20 PM

Keeping up with technology can be tough for anyone, even for the most tech-savvy. Yet it’s even harder for those who haven’t grown up with the amazing advancements in communication we see every day. Still, many seniors want to learn how to better use new technologies on the market.

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Tips for Downsizing When Transitioning to a Senior Living Community

Posted by The Goodman Group on Sep 1, 2017 1:16:47 PM

The decision has been made. The apartment has been rented, and now it’s time to make the move. While it may be easy for some, it can also be difficult for many to decide what to take with and what to give to family or donate. “I loved the thought of being closer to my church and meeting new friends,” says Joanne, resident at The Palms of Largo, a senior living campus in Largo, Florida. “My real concern was how I was going to get ready to move.” That’s where a program like My Home Connections can help.

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