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Forever Learning: Community Education & Free College Classes for People Over 50

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Family Matters: How to Understand and Connect with Your Aging Parents

Gardening and Growing for Seniors

Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Weight as a Senior

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Nutritional Tips for Lactose Intolerant Seniors

Child Care Within Senior Living: Intergenerational Communities

The Importance of Mental and Emotional Well-Being in Aging

Navigating Nutrition for Seniors with Chronic Health Conditions

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Handling the Costs of A Memory Care Community

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Adventures from Home: Planning Armchair Travel Experiences for Seniors

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Transitioning Your Loved One to Memory Care, Together

Making a Successful Move to a Senior Living Community

Having Fun Inside: Creative Indoor Activities for Seniors

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Happy Foods: Six Foods to Reduce Psychological Distress

Teaching Seniors Technology to Inspire ‘Active Aging’

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Handwritten Letters Create New Connections

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Rock Steady Boxing: Fighting Back Against Parkinson's Disease [VIDEO]

Sharing Residents' Stories with our "This is My Life" Program

Meet Marilyn: Retired U.S. Army Colonel Still Serving Her Country

Family History Questionnaire: How to Talk to Your Family About Their Life

Gather and Grow: Nurturing More than Plants with Hydroponic Gardens

Music Lessons: The Ukulele Club at Terracina

Theater for the Ages: The Magic of an Intergenerational Play Program

Pet Therapy And More: Bonding with All Kinds of Dogs at Regal Palms

How to Help a Grieving Parent: What to Do When One Parent Passes Away

Ask the Chef: Natural Salt Alternatives that Make for a Delicious Flavor Profile

Connecting With Your Parents: Try These Family Conversation Starters

We Value our Volunteers: Meet Sharon and Iva Rose

Notes and the Nervous System: How Singing Improves Parkinson’s Symptoms

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Honor Flight: Veterans Visit World War II Memorial

Making Decisions on Your Own When Your Spouse is No Longer Able

Tour Tips: Questions to Ask When Touring Independent Living Communities

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